Neatening convex and concave curves, and right angles, with an overlocker.

Many new users of overlockers get used to neatening straight edges, and become quite competent at that.
However, when faced with convex, concave curves and right angles to neaten users might feel a bit concerned that it can’t be done easily.
Well it can! Quite easily too.

Click on the link below to watch a simple quick video that will guide you through the process:

I hope that helps.

How to make a piped box cushion cover.





A lot of sewers are nervous about making box cushion covers, or even avoid making them altogether, but they really are not that difficult to make.

Watch my video! It will guide you through making a fabulous box cushion, showing how to attach the piping, insert a zip and make those perfect corners.

The video is just one tutorial that is featured on a fabulous upholstery website belonging to a good friend and great upholstery tutor, Alison Scott.

Alison has made some amazingly informative tutorials and videos on upholstery, so if you fancy giving traditional upholstery a try, take a look at her website Alison Scott Upholstery




To make your own box cushion watch my YouTube video, click HERE


Good Luck! Let me know how you get on.